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How does a student qualify for gifted services?

Each year a screening process is conducted. Teachers are asked to nominate students, at the end of second grade through twelfth, based on gifted characteristics and observations. Students, parents, and community members may also nominate students. Nominations are taken all year and testing is primarily in the spring.

After securing written permission from the student’s parent or guardian, the GT Coordinator administers a three part creativity test and Intelligence test. Then individual files are compiled. These test scores are added to the student’s teacher rating score, standardized test scores, classroom grades, and any other evidence of creativity or leadership ability that has been submitted.

Students are assigned a number; a student’s name is never used when the placement committee meets, reviews the scores, and identifies the students who would benefit from participation in the Gifted and Talented Program.

Notification is then sent to the student’s parents or guardian of the placement committee’s decision.


Program options we offer at Salem Schools.

K-2nd Grade Whole Group Enrichment

All kindergarten through second grade students receive thirty minutes of enrichment each week. The GT teacher records observed student behaviors throughout the years to identify possible candidates for the pullout program.

3rd- 6th Grade Pullout Program

The GT teacher delivers services to identified GT students in a pullout program that meets twice a week. The curriculum is designed to challenge students with a variety of strategies and activities to strengthen abilities in creativity, problem solving, and higher level thinking skills. Hands-on activities ensure student engagement, reinforce skills learned, and incorporate new technology.

7-12th Grade

Students have a variety of options for services. They are served in their regular classes, through a pullout program that challenges students in creativity, problem solving, and higher level thinking skills. They are also offered Pre-AP, AP, and Concurrent/Dual credit classes, which are also available to all students.


If you have questions or need to request more information contact:

Mrs. McCord
Gifted and Talented Cordinator/Teacher

It is the mission of Salem Schools to educate all students by providing a challenging curriculum that promotes higher-order thinking skills, technology integration, and problem-solving through relevant and engaging activities. We will provide the experiences necessary for all students to become college, career, and community ready.